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Safety First...

Safety first is my first motto for my family. I read the other day that people are booking vacations without knowing where they are going. They book it and then they are instructed as to how to get there without knowing their destinations!
I thought, “In this day and age people are doing this?”
First of all, we as Americans must be very vigilant when we travel outside of the United States Of America. How could we put our safety in someone else's hands?
I do understand that I am not the norm in parenting or even as I grandparent my grandchildren.
I always need to know what my children (now adults) and my grandchildren are doing at all times. Even when we are not together, I have a total spiritual connection to each.
My grandson Ocean wanted to enter a major University in Abu Dhabi. I told my son I did not appreciate him going that far away from home plus, Americans cannot just pick up and go to that part of the world. Listen, as Americans we represent America wherever we go.
Well, to my satisfaction my grandson chose Columbia University over several other universities.
When we travel, and if we are on road trips which I prefer over flying. We often travel in several vehicles – there are too many of us to fit in one vehicle.
I am always aware of where the other vehicles are and to even how the driver is driving in the other vehicles. I can tell if someone is tired by the little swerve outside the lines they are driving in. Then I know its time to stop and change drivers.
Whenever we are out and about, I am always aware of where we are, what’s going on around us and making certain that we are not vulnerable at anytime. I take into consideration the meals and where we dine.
Like I said, I am such a protective parent and grandparent, that I even monitor the fact that my grandchildren check in from their dorms once daily. I also feel it is their responsibility in doing so. No I am not trying to cramp the styles of these young people while they are with their friends, but knowing what our children and grandchildren are doing at all times I believe is a necessity.
We should also be aware of the people they choose to associate themselves with. Remember, we were once like them and if they will listen it is our responsibility to make certain they do not make some of the same mistakes we made. We have learned from ours let us be good stewards as we lead those coming up.
Why do I take time to be me in doing all of these things? Because I love each and everyone of my children and grandchildren. I love them too much to see them place themselves in unhealthy situations. I love them so much, I want them to live good, fulfilling, wholesome lives. This will be part of the legacy I will one day leave with them.