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Skin Care Products That Really Work!

Posted by Admin on January 1, 2011 at 2:20 PM

Skin Care Products That Really Work!

First and foremost you should know that I do not believe in plastic surgery unless it is under rare cases and necessary to promote health. I really do not believe in allowing anyone to put a knife to my face. I believe that our Almighty has given us many products to use that can help us in many ways and many scientists are discovering many of those products to help us heal in many ways.


Lets begin with the basics first. That which is a must for women before you apply make up – and for men good habits to maintain. A good skin cleanser is difficult to find, an excellent skin cleanser is even harder to find.  So before you go shopping for a skin cleanser and wasting a lot of money on the wrong ones. Let me tell you about the most excellent one;

Garnier Skin Renew 3-way Cleanser, Size: 5 Oz

Cost around $12.00 per bottle.

The story behind this for me.


The year 2010 was an especially brutal time for me.

During this year, I had actually neglected my body, my skin and my hair. Since I work at home its easy for this to happen if one is not careful. So, for those of you working at home I suggest that you get up a little earlier and groom yourselves!


One of the first thing I noticed was my skin seem to be looser than it had been in the past.  So I asked my daughter Stacy to go to the drug store and find me a good Garnier product – which was my Christmas gift to myself.

One good thing to own is a Magnifying Mirror – you are able to see the true make-up of your bareskin. Are you developing pores, lines and is your face sagging? You can see it there. Then go after correcting the problems.

The Results:

I can safely say I was blown away by this product Garnier Nutritionist Skin Renew Resurfacing 3-Way Cleanser from the very first time I used it.


Remember, my skin had began to sag. I was noticing the laugh lines more pronounced. I was astonished as I was first applying this cleanser.

The first thing I noticed was how solid it felt. I also noticed the stark whiteness of the cream against my olive tone skin. What really got my attention was that it It felt like the protective cleansing mask was adding a tender sensation to my skin. The results was absolutely astounding! Upon removing the mask, I examined my skin to find that, it not only cleansed but it also lifted and the laugh lines were totally reduced!

Wow! Even my family could see the instant drastic results. It was like a miracle. Then I applied the

GarnierUltra-Lift Pro Gravity Defying Cream

Cost around $25.00


I thought I was blown away before with the cleansing cream, but before my very eyes as I applied this Ultra-Lift Pro Gravity Defying Cream, I watched as at least ten years was removed from my face!


Though I suggest you follow the instructions of use, I must say here that I have missed a couple of days actually using this product and I did NOT suddenly become ten years older. It appears to be working even at times I am not actually wearing the cream.

Note; I do not suggest anyone cleanse more than once per week.

Remember, you can have the hair all done to perfection, but if the skin is not right it will be very difficult to pull it all together.

This year I will celebrate my 60th. I decided long ago that I would fight looking older, no matter what age I find myself. But even this begins early in life. What I did in my youth.

I was always very particular about my face and skin thereof.

Every two weeks I would have an egg-white cleansing. Once each week I would do a Honey cleansing.(Please send me an email if you need to know more on these.)

What I was really doing was setting myself up to look exactly how I look today, but having done that I still have to be vigilant about the keeping up at least the cleansing of dead skin so renewal can take place.

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