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Posted by Admin on May 21, 2013 at 5:40 PM

Skin Care



The secrets to looking younger when we are older begins when we are young. It begins with beginning a pattern of;



Not going to sleep before caring for your face and skin. This include removing all make up from your face and a weekly gentle cleanse.



Remember, your entire body should be just as important as your face. While washing the body daily under shower is good, soaking baths are even better. If not, over the years you will begin to experience skin shading.



However we wash ourselves, let us always have a long handle brush handy. Why? We can reach those hard to reach areas of the back.



Hair Care



Our hair is also important and while we tend to lose some of its luster as we age, this too can be controlled.



The hair needs to breathe. So for those who wear wigs, you may not want to do so all the time, not if you are looking forward to full, flowing healthy hair.



While there are people who shampoo their hair everyday of the week, my recommendation is not to shampoo more than four or five times weekly.



Before shampooing, manipulate with your fingers your scalp gently from back to front – if you are unable to do this yourself get someone to help. If it is done correctly you should feel relaxed. However, scalp manipulations shifts into gear hear growth. If the scalp is not all right, hair growth will be at best, slow.






Our teeth are among another of our blessings. What’s the use if everything else is looking and feeling awesome when tooth care is lacking?



In this day and age everyone is looking at our teeth and they are also looking at how white they are, among other things.



Let us not see our dentists once in a while. At the very least we should be having periodical visits. One thing that many of us may not always think about is teeth cleaning. Your dentist may also recommend monthly cleanings.



The cost of teeth cleaning can be minimal, from $60.00 to $150.00 depending on your dentist. The next thing to think about is teeth whitening and this varies in cost.



Let us begin a ritual of taking care of ourselves, for goodness sakes. We tend to take care of everyone else but ourselves.






One area of our lives often seems to collide with our busy schedule, and that’s rest. Remember, taking time for quality rest is an essential part of our daily lives. Take time for self is not always spending time awake but spending time asleep. Our bodies are rejuvenated when we rest. (We will go into more of this at a later date.)



60th Birthday Celebration With My Daughters. (Me in the middle)


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