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One of my favorite places to dine is the Seasons 52 restaurant at:


10300 Little Patuxent Parkway Suite 3150
Columbia MD 21044


The moment you set foot into this location, you sense excellence in management, excellence in service and excellence in food. I highly recommend this location to you. You really owe it to yourself to experience this for you!

Service has always been a priority for me when dining and this location does not disappoint. Great service is the norm, not the exception. Offering dishes based on my personal taste was helpful and informative, not pushy or insistent. Great attention was given to the training of the service team in this restaurant, a much deserved nod to management for this.

Lunch Menu

Dinner Menu

 My Personal 5 Star Rating!


Fulfillment; Life, Hopes and Dreams

This picture of me was taken two years ago at my eldest grandson Sean’s twenty-first birthday. I still look the same today.

I am mother to five adult children, my eldest daughter Patty is forty-two. I am grandmother to sixteen grandchildren and recently a great grandmother.

My life work is involves helping others to discover their life purpose, or simply helping them to deal with specific issues.

I am active in all of life, home care, body care, hair care, family care and planning of vacations, which is comprises of all that is important to the vast majority of people in the world. I am sharing these experiences in order to inspire growth and exploration in everyone's lives.



My Two Most Favorite Places To Visit


I have traveled the world, but my two most favorite places to visit are;
Key West, Florida and Ocho Rios, Jamaica.
 Key West, Florida

 Ocho Rios, Jamaica
With a large family I feel it easier to stay close to home within the state of Delaware.
While in Key West, Florida we have chosen to rent a home for our two weeks vacation.
There are many rental homes to choose from and overall they are worth the price we have paid for privacy with room enough for us to spread our wings freely without the restrictions of a hotel.
The first thing we did on our last vacation there was to stop at Fausto’s grocery store on Fleming Street, Key West Florida and purchase a two weeks supply of groceries.

 Fausto’s grocery store
Because this trip was a road trip, needless to say we were all very exhausted by the time we drove from Delaware to Key West. We were each happy to take a shower then a dip in the pool. Then to prepare dinner for a very hungry group.
We then made a very thorough inspection of the huge colonial mansion in which we stayed. I led the march up the staircase to the second floor.  As I stopped on the landing of the second floor I became aware of movement in a dimly lit corner of the hallway.
“Something’s moving,” I said to my son-in-law, James.
“Where?” He questioned.
“There!” I said, pointing to the spot ahead of me.
James made his way forward, and into the homes 5th bathroom. He came out a few moments later smiling, “Its just a foot long iguana!” He said.
“Iguana! In the house? I said.
Foot Long Iguana
“I cannot sleep with Iguana’s in the house. We’ve got to look to see if there are anymore and find a way to keep them out.”
My family and I proceeded through the house in search of any other Iguana. James had closed the hole temporarily where the one in the bathroom had escaped through. Nothing more was found.
With the exception of Iguanas wanting to partake of our family gatherings; Key West to us is like home away from home.
While visiting the Key West area, no trip is complete without a trip to any of the historic homes of celebrity authors, politicians and people of note who have called Key West home.
The Hemingway house did not disappoint us at all this trip to Key West, stately and inviting as always. Hemingway's home reflects the style of a bygone era complete with elegance worthy of his stature as a storied author.
On every street the descendants of Hemingway's many house cats still live on and around his property as well as others. Red roosters, once used in cockfighting matches, now live a nomadic lifestyle darting between cars and tourists at every turn.
These are just a few of the things that make the Keys a worthwhile trip for an escape from the ordinary.

60th Birthday Celebration With My Daughters. (Me in the middle)


 Christmas 2013

 Christmas Eve 2013